National Mortgage and Note Buyers- We buy real estate and business notes, promissory notes, deed of trusts, first mortgages, land contracts, business notes, and second mortgages nationwide.  We give great prices, we handle the paperwork and we pay all closing costs.  You get your money now instead of waiting on monthly payments. 
Are You Receiving Payments?
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We Pay Top Dollar for Mortgages and Notes - Nationwide

                 Get Immediate Cash for Your Note, Mortgage
                  or Business Note if You

                            w    Need Cash Now
                            w    Have A Note to Sell
                            w Are Tired of Collecting Payments/Paperwork
                            Are Thinking of Selling Your Note or a Portion of Your Note

                 Why You Should Consider Working With Us

                           w A Quick, Free, No-obligation Quote Over the Phone or Online
                            w Top Dollar for Your Note or Mortgage
                            Complete or Partial Sale of Your Payments
                            w No Closing Costs
                            w We Handle All of the Paperwork
                            w   Cash to You, Note Responsibility to Us 

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We Buy
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Real Estate Mortgage & Notes Single Mortgages & Notes Note Buyers
Privately Held Mortgages & Notes Bulk Mortgages & Notes Mortgage Investors
Cash Flows and Contracts Mortgage Note Pools Note Investors
Owner-Financed Mortgages Mortgage Note Portfolios Business Note Buyers
Business Notes
We Pay
Cash Discounters
Trust Deeds and Land Contracts Cash for Notes Note Discounters
Residential Notes Cash for Real Estate Contracts Mortgage Discounters
Carry-back Mortgages & Notes Cash for Trust Deeds Note Brokers
Seller-held Mortgages Cash for Deeds of Trust Private Mortgage Buyers
Privately-held Paper Cash for Land Contracts Private Note Buyers
2nd Wraparound Mortgages Cash for Balloon Payments Private Note Discounters

          Mortgages, Trust Deeds, & Real Estate Notes

We purchase privately held mortgages in the 1st and 2nd lien position or wrap around the 1st lien position, including Promissory Notes, Trust Deeds, Land Sale Contracts, Contract for Deeds and other debt instruments secured by just about every type of property.

If you have sold your home via owner carry-back financing or seller-financing and are now receiving payments on that mortgage, we can cash you out in as little as 10-15 working days. We will quickly evaluate your cash flow and provide you with the highest possible quote and lump sum cash payout. 

If You Need Cash -- We Can Help!

If you are receiving payments on a residential property contract, commercial property contract, mobile home paper or on a bare land contract we can quickly provide you with the highest possible quote for your privately held mortgage and put cash in your hands.

To learn more about the various purchase options available or to review the steps involved in the purchase process, click here. 

To receive a free quote on your real estate note, click here.

Flexible Purchase Options to Fit Your Needs!

  • Full Purchase


  • Simultaneous Purchase
  • Partial Purchase


  • Split Payment/Partial
  • Reverse Purchase


  • Multiple Stage Payout

We Buy Real Estate Secured Notes and Contracts. All Property Types.
  • Selling Real Estate Mortgages


  • Selling Mortgage Notes
  • Selling  Promissory Notes


  • Land Contracts
  • Selling Cashflows


  • No Closing Costs

Fast, Easy Closings
We Pay All Closing Costs

We Buy Business Notes!

We buy Business Notes Nationwide! If you sold your business via seller financing and are currently receiving payments, we can cash you out fast! We pay top dollar for seller financed business notes, nationwide with or without real estate.  If you sold a business and opted to carry a note for the new owner, and would like cash now, fill out a free online quote or give us a call toll free at 1-888-297-0249. We will cash you out quickly, providing you with the working capital for a new business venture or any other financial need you may have. 

To learn more about our requirements for business note purchases and to review the purchase process, click here.

To receive a free quote on your business note, click here.

Quick Access to Your Cash!

Our business is helping contract and note and holders nationwide to convert their long-term payment streams into "cash now" as quickly and easily as possible. 

Your Note or Contract will NEVER be worth more than it is TODAY! 

Why? With the unpredictable nature of the stock and oil markets and the War on Terrorism over the past few years the resulting lower interest rates has many investors buying privately held mortgages, notes and contracts as  a hedge for their retirement and investment funds.   As interest rates increase, investors will have other investments to consider and may pay less for real estate mortgages, notes, and contracts.

Find out How Much it's Worth Now!

We Provide

  • Free Online Quotes


  • Free Phone Quotes
  • No Closing Costs or Fees


  • We Handle the Paperwork
  • Very Competitive Pricing


  • Easy and Fast Closings
  • Quick Access to Your Cash


  • Flexible Purchase Options
  • Complete Confidentiality



We Buy Cash Flows, Nationwide!  

Receiving Payments?
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Trust Deed and Contract Buyer

Residential Property
Single Family Residential
Mobile Homes with land
1-4 Multi-Unit Residential



Commercial Property
Motels / Hotels 
Office Buildings

Land (raw/unimproved)
Building Lots
Recreational land


Don't Wait For Payments Anymore

The most popular reason to sell a real estate note, mortgage note, or other cashflow is to free up cash to use for another purpose. Think about all the ways you could enjoy the lump sum cash payment. The possibilities are endless!

Perhaps you want to purchase a new home or remodel your current home.  Maybe you would like to use the cash to start a business, take a dream vacation, or buy the vacation home of your dreams.

How about buying a new car, boat, or RV? Or you can even take advantage of an investment opportunity. It's entirely up to you! divorce attorney

Business Notes or Contracts

Business Notes

Sold your business? Are you receiving payments for it? We can buy all or part of your 1st position business note. You get the cash you need now, and we collect the payments over time according to the original terms. 

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We Pay Top Dollar for Mortgages and Notes Nationwide!

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